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We do not make any fake driving licences, fake passports, fake state driving licenses or copies of any existing card.

We do have a few cheap rip off competitors that only make tatty, flimsy cards using cheap production methods. You might have ordered from places like that before – the kind of sites that charge through the nose, but send a fake ID card that has blurry colours or text, grainy, low quality photographs, or errors that mean your card won’t stand up to scrutiny. We’re here to combat this – offering high-quality, robust PVC fake IDs with cutting-edge features like holographic overlays and scannable UV images that really look amazing.

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ID Card

Our national ID cards are an absolute steal from only £5 for a high-quality, shiny plastic fake ID card with many design and security features! Complete with a a scanned signature strip, a photograph, a scannable barcode and it is FULLY CUSTOMISABLE. You can change any details on this card to whatever you want!


Our completely customisable fake student card is a deal worthy of a student’s wallet at only £15 – even if your university days are well and truly behind you. Complete with a scannable barcode, free holographic overlay and scanned signature strip on the reverse, this is a feature-packed fake ID at a bargain price.


This fake Society Membership Card is one of our best selling cards – and it’s no surprise why! It’s completely customisable, right down to the barcode! Plus, its completely robust PVC construction is complemented perfectly by a high quality hologram, and optional scannable UV security watermark.


Our International ID Card has some fantastic features – and it’s one of our most professional looking fake IDs to date. A high quality photo adorns the front of this bad boy, along with a scanned signature, a free holographic overlay, and an optional scannable UV sensitive design that appears under black lights!